The Door Mat Makers of Mystic Knotwork by Sue Waterman

2 Holmes Street and 25 Cottrell Street  Downtown Mystic, CT 06355


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April 19, 2022 2 min read

We have 5 manila door mats that we make in our 25 Cottrell St. work shop in Mystic. It takes about a day to make the largest one, sometimes two people will work on it at the same time as they pull the 170 feet repeatedly through the pattern. 
Our patterns are drawn out on large pieces of wood, nails are added along the guide lines to keep the rope in place. Heavy gloves are worn to work with the natural manila. Currently there are 4 artisans who work in the workshop that have the skill to tie the mats and a couple in training.
When you visit the shop on Cottrell St. in Mystic you can peek into the manila room and maybe get to watch one being made!
Mystic Knotwork manila room
Mystic Knotwork, the manila room, at the Cottrell St. workshop.
Betsy Mongrel and Mystic Knotwork's door mats
Mystic Knotwork's mascot Betsy Mongrel sits (well-behaved!) in a circle of 5 Pass Prolong Manila Rope Mats that are waiting to be finished.
The custom 5 pass prolong mat in progress in the manila room.
6 ft long door mat from Mystic Knotwork
The custom 5 pass prolong mat is about 6 ft. long!
Betsy resting on a very large prolong mat.
Betsy approving the workmanship on this very large 5 pass prolong mat.
The 4 pass square mat, cute and square! 27 x 19 inches.
Sarah and Matt tying the big Abok. 46 x 21 inches.
Mystic Knotwork table decor
Many use the mats as table decor.
Beautiful doorway and Abok mat.
Beautiful door way with the Abok mat. 46 x 21 inches.
Mystic Knotwork door mat tying 
Matt tying the 4 ply Abok.
Mystic Knotwork's round door mat
Our round mat, the latest addition to the manila mat collection. 28 x 22 inches.
manila display Mystic Knotwork
From the archives, the Cottrell St. shop, lots of manila choices.
Mystic Knotwork home decor
Great idea for over the mantle!
Preparing to tie, lining up the pattern
Getting started.
Mystic Knotwork door mat
4 pass ocean plait mat. 12 x 24 inches.
Mystic Knotwork door mat
The prolong mat, 4 pass. 
Mystic Knotwork door mat
The prolong mat, 5 pass.
Summer door way in Mystic
The square mat looking very nautical on this summery porch.
Mystic Knotwork door mat
Ahoy, square mat on the docks.
Mystic Knotwork door mat
Mountains of manila, mat making.
Mystic Knotwork door mat
This photo was shared with us from one of our customers.
Mystic Knotwork door mat
The small ocean plait mat 12 x 24 inches.
Mystic Knotwork door mat
Mystic Knotwork door mat

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