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  • Mystic Knotwork at Holmes Street Downtown Mystic, CT

    Downtown Mystic Knot Shop

    Mystic Knotwork at 2 Holmes Street in Mystic, CT 06355

    Formerly a one of a kind shop, Mystic Knotwork is now a two of a kind shop with two knot shops located 600 feet apart.  Stop by our corner location right by the drawbridge here in Downtown Mystic, CT Located at 2 Holmes Street,our knot shop is stroller and handicapped accessible, unlike our historic workshop down the street. 

    On Holmes Street, is our retail shop.  Everything we make in the workshop is here, and we teach our artisans at both rope shops how to custom make for you. 

    Mystic Knotwork is a unique experience.  Imagine a craft show booth expanded to a shop size.  Immersive but not a reenactment shop.  Artisans will likely be tying something when you arrive.  You can watch our work and chat about most topics you can think of.  This is my family's hometown since before there was a town here.  We all have stories about knot tying and the area.  Think of this location almost as an information stop.  We try to know what's going on and love to share.

    This shop is the easiest spot in to find downtown in Mystic.  The flagpole is a landmark almost as iconic as the drawbridge itself.  To say both are visible from our shop is an understatement.  You walk by the 'freedom pole' that was erected in the 1870's as you cross the street to join us.Downtown Mystic Connecticut 


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