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  • Narrow Sailor Bracelet, Choose from 18 Colors

    Nautical Sailor Bracelet.  The tradition.  Never a fad, and never out of style, we make our Original Mystic Sailor Knot Bracelet in a narrower style for a more understated look. 

    Just 3/4" wide. Made with cotton cord, stretch it over your hand and then shape to fit once on.

      Like a great pair of jeans, these cotton bracelets take on character and develop depths of color and shading with wear.  Yes, the dye is 'color fast' but like any cotton, it does fade nicely over time and will develop unexpected hues if you put it to bleach (remember acid wash jeans.. yeah like that)

      Size these bracelets snugly for a one time trip and the traditional always worn look, or look for a looser fit that will still come off after they shrink that little bit when they get wet.

      For custom sizing, please put the request in the comments box at checkout, ex:  XL 9 inches

      Discount pricing is available for events HERE