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  • Monkey Fist Curtain Tie Back (each)

    These are made from 3/8" cotton cord of a firm nautical quality. It is a 3" monkey fist worked over a hardwood core with 16" of rope between the ball and the loop, making for a total length of 25". The loop is slightly larger than 3" and is fixed with a bowline knot whipped back to secure the loop in a seaman like manner, maintaining its nautical style while still providing you with the utmost functionality. White, tan and navy.

    There are certain accents that are part of every beach cottage, summer escape, Florida Room or lanai. Each room needs a touch of knotwork, some fancy shells and either boating artifacts or tropical decorations.

    Let your imagination run while you create the perfect seaside escape. These tiebacks were designed to allow your creativity to flow. With a 3" monkey fist at the end of 22" of rope, you have enough to flounce your sheers, use for the valence, or pull back your classic curtains with a true nautical flair.