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  • Downtown Mystic Live Feed Drawbridge Camera

    This is a live feed of the Downtown Mystic Bascule bridge

    (drawbridge for those of us that grew up in its shadow).


    This camera is atop our new shop at 2 Holmes Street, 30 feet up in the top window of our lighthouse. 

    The bridge goes up every hour at 40 minutes after (xx:40) between 8:40 and 18:40.  Large and small boats alike use this passage daily to get to the Mystic Seaport and the safe anchorage up river.  Please visit often to get a taste of Downtown.

    Please note:  This is a 'security camera' set to share with the world.  It does go down quite often when too many people stop by to look at the same time.  If it is down, please feel free to poke around the site and see pictures of our town in the blog articles :)


    Mystic Drawbridge


    Mystic Drawbridge Partially Open

    Mystic Drawbridge Motor Downtown Mystic, CT

    Built in 1920, the bridge weighs 600 tons, but because of the counterweights, it only takes a 40 hp electric  motor to lift the road bed.  More details from CT Historical Movable Bridges 

    Mystic Bascule Bridge looking up river
    Want to totally get your geek on, check out 44 pictures through history and a very detailed breakdown at


     Share this view!  We are proud of our town, and I rented the new shop just for the chance to show the world how cool Downtown Mystic is.  Pictures are pinnable, and please embed the feed and give credit to MysticKnotwork.