Large Nautical Rope Mat from natural Manila Rope 2275

Nautical Rope Mat for the porch entry makes a statement.  This is a VERY large mat. They are rugged and heavy enough for all but the strongest storms.  190 feet of 1/2" manila rope . This mat is 46 inches by 21 inches (nearly 4 feet by 2 feet).

The pattern is from the Ashley Book of Knots, pattern 2275 and we tie it with 4 passes.

It will last for years outdoors; my grandfather made one of this pattern and it stood the test of time for over 50 years. While is it common for a woven mat to be used at the door of our homes in Mystic, his was the only one I found as complicated as this. The knot will tighten over time to the point that light can't be seen through it.  

This doormat is a great welcome mat.