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  • March 30, 2022 1 min read

    We've been talking about and dreaming about the Mystic Irish Parade which had been cancelled for two years. I had never been before and was totally looking forward to it and my first library cart drill team of which our Jill was a participant. She drove the media cart.  Although I didn't capture their routine on video, Matt did, you can find the link at the end of this blog. 


    Here they are in front of our Holmes Street shop.

    Lot's of well behaved dogs in the parade.

    So many bagpiper groups with fabulous plaids.

    Alexis Ann the Grand Marshall. 

    The Veterans.

    Part of the family team of Mystic Knotwork in front of our Holmes Street shop.


    Lots of girl scouts and boy scouts.

    The Ancient Mariners of Connecticut, their outfits are pretty sharp, although some forgot their shoes.

    The pirates, always a good time and can usually be seen during the Pirate Invasion in Mystic. 

    Interesting vehicle!

    Another dog on good behavior not sure about the owner.

    They all have something in common.

    Michelle and Karla were glad to pose. They had their hands full at the tee shirt and sweatshirt stand.



    The library carts during the warm up before the parade. 

    Follow the link to our YouTube page to see the Mystic Noank Library Cart team go through the moves they have been practicing for weeks.

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