These Monkey fists get around by Sue Waterman

March 16, 2022 1 min read

We talk a lot about our monkey fists as wedding table decor, perfect for table card holders, so popular with wedding couples. Often when people come into the workshop they ask, what do you do with these? Interior designers, old salts and  and many home owners use them as a nautical touch throughout the home, either on the mantle, side table, anywhere!

We only touch the tip of the iceberg with our photos here, the possibilities are endless.

4.5 inch 5 pass with table card at this spring time wedding

4 inch 3 pass, pictured above in Narragansett, Rhode Island and below


4 inch 3 pass, fun outing in Narragansett, Rhode Island
the 4.5 inch 5 pass checking out the cellar of the Spicer Mansion
4.5 inch 5 pass taking a break on the Mystic Drawbridge
the 4.5 inch 5 pass enjoying the view from the Spicer Mansion in Mystic
an idea of size
another coastal trip to the beaches of Rhode Island
4.5 inch 5 pass, photo shoot Whaler's Inn Mystic
manila monkey fist, super nautical, 4 inch 3 pass, the woods Hampton, CT
at Stonington Vineyards
3 inch 3 pass. Some sizes are available in navy or white and are
listed on our website
back at the Whaler's Inn in Mystic


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