Our Downtown Mystic Shops Have One-Of-A-Kind Knotty Surprises by Sue Waterman

February 25, 2020 2 min read

Mystic Knotwork Cottrell St. location

When you visit our two shops in Mystic, you may expect to see only what we have pictured on our website. Surprise, you will also find other unique knotted items made by our artisans and others from around New England.

Pictured above is our 25 Cottrell St. workshop, where you can watch while you get a custom bracelet made or see the process of manila mat and wreath making. Lot's of one-of-a-kind items in here!

Our website, MysticKnotwork.com features the most popular nautical home decor and jewelry items made by us in Mystic, CT. Our workshops are our fun places where we experiment with new designs, materials and products tying one-of-a-kinds that never fail to surprise our visitors in the shops. Consider them prototypes that may make the cut to be included on the website. Unique wreaths and key chains, hand dyed sailor bracelets, cute monkey fist earrings, bell ropes, macrame ornaments, belts, and dog leashes in a variety of colors created on a whim by many of our own artisans. 



Mystic Knotwork Holmes St. ShopMystic Knotwork's bell ropes

Pictured above, our 2 Holmes St. location carries all our popular knotted items and a larger selection of items from other New England knot tyers.

small dragonfly pin

the dragonfly pin


Hand knotted bottle Mystic KnotworkMystic Knotwork wreaths

port starboard earrings Mystic KnotworkMystic Knotwork earrings

Manila wreaths Mystic Knotwork

Jill is especially talented and can macrame just about anything, lobster buoys included. Did I hear she is thinking of tying some fancy knotwork on the roll bar of their vintage Austin Healey Sprite otherwise known as the Knot Mobile?

Mystic Knotwork macrame lobster buoymacrame ornament


Below macrame belts, bell ropes, door mat and a boat fender.

 Mystic Knotwork belts and bell ropesBoat Fender Mystic Knotwork

Other unique items include door stops, and a variety of wreaths. What sailor wouldn't want a macrame belt?

Mystic Knotwork wreaths and door stopMystic_Knotwork_macrame_belts

Mystic Knotwork knotty signs

Below, plant hangers at the beautiful 2 Holmes St. shop and plant hangers in the making.
Mystic Knotwork Holmes St. Shop


Plant hanger session Mystic Knotworkmaking plant hangers Mystic Knotwork

Paracord bracelets, lots of them, in a variety of color designs.

paracord bracelets Mystic Knotwork

So be sure to visit and get your handy 'knot cheat sheet tee shirts' with flip up knot tying instructions and some stickers too!! 

Mystic Knotwork tee shirt

Mystic Knotwork stickers

And for a really big surprise, maybe Elway The Duck will be visiting too!

Elway the Duck visits Mystic Knotwork

Fancy knot wrapped bottle at Mystic Knotwork

Artisan Knot Tyer at Mystic Knotwork

Tying plant hangers at Mystic Knotwork

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