Making Knotty Valentines by Sue Waterman

January 27, 2020 1 min read

Our Knotty Artisans Get Creative For Valentine's Day

We flew through the holiday season tying a lot of knots and keeping up with orders. Tying did slow down a bit, phew, but now Valentine's Day is approaching with more special knotted projects in the works. All our creative artisans started tying, the workshop was a buzz with ideas and "where's the red rope!" or "Oh wow, that's really cool!"
Below is a decorative version of our Celtic Heart Knot to be used on our white Turkshead wreath. Check out necklace version of this knot on our website!
Celtic Heart by Mystic KnotworkCeltic Heart on Knotted Wreath

We tie a lot of knots that are displayed around Mystic. The heart below could end up decorating the anchor at the flag pole intersection and our 7' diameter wreath that hangs on the Mystic River drawbridge will be decorated with yet more heart wreaths!.

Knotted heart wreath by Mystic KnotworkKnotted Heart wreath by Mystic Knotwork

Artisan made heart wreath Mystic Knotwork

Turkshead Valentine Wreath

Josh, designing as he goes

Mystic Knotwork custom Valentine Wreath

Jill got in the act and created the nautical wreath below with her macrame skills.

Macrame heart Mystic KnotworkMystic Knotwork's heart shaped wreath

The finished macrame heart embellished with a turkshead trivet and coaster.

Finished macrame and turkshead Valentine wreath

Below, the wreath on the Bascule Bridge in Mystic ready for Valentine's Day

Mystic Knotwork Valentine's Wreaths

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