Bracelets, Bracelets Everywhere by Sue Waterman

May 05, 2022 1 min read

The Mystic Knotwork family of artisans has been making sailor type bracelets for 60 years. Starting with the sailor bracelet, the traditional turks head knot in natural white cotton, so popular. Still our best seller but now in 18 custom colors. Shrinks somewhat to fit, also available in satin outline.
The adjustable cotton bracelet is great for just that, it's adjustable, no sizing issues when giving as a gift. Solid and Chevron stripe.
Anchor wraps and anchor bracelets how better to say you are a salty dog.
The whale tail bracelet (and necklace) an elegant nautical statement.
Every time we have a new bracelet or new color we have our own photo shoots. Occasionally we collaborate with other companies and work around a nautical lifestyle theme. Pretty easy to do when we are surrounded by water in Mystic and southern New England. Here is a collection of photos from our fun photo shoots. Enjoy!
Kayaking Adventure Mystic with Mystic Knotwork
Mystic Knotwork bracelets at the beachMystic Knotwork patriotic bracelets
Mystic Knotwork bracelets
Mystic Knotwork anchor bracelet kayaking
Mystic Knotwork brass whale tail bracelet
Mystic Knotwork Brass Anchor and Whale Bracelets
Striped bracelet Mystic Knotwork
Perennial Designs Photo Mystic Knotwork
Mystic Knotwork bracelets
Mystic Knotwork stripe sailor bracelet and anchor braceletwhite and turquoise Mystic Knotwork bracelet
Mystic Knotwork Stripe Sailor Bracelet
Mystic Knotwork Sailors Bracelets Paddle Board
Mystic Knotwork Christmas Bracelets
Mystic Knotwork bracelets
Mystic Knotwork Shackle Bracelet
Mystic Knotwork Classic Sailor Bracelet
Mystic Knotwork Sailor Bracelets
Mystic Knotwork Sailor Bracelets
whale tail necklace mystic knotworkMystic Knotwork sailor bracelet
Mystic Knotwork with Perennial Photography
Perennial Designs photographs Mystic Knotwork bracelets
Mystic Knotwork blue and white bracelets

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