Beach Cottage Vacation & Knotty Photo Session by Sue Waterman

April 25, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

Photo Studio With A View

I took some days off with my spouse in southern Rhode Island, around the corner from Mystic. We are surrounded by shoreline in southern Connecticut and Rhode Island, so it was easy to find a spot on the water for a few days. But as my other half knows every getaway with me involves some kind of photography and of course our nautical products need to be photographed near the water!

Southern Exposure

The tiny house had a porch and the afternoon lighting was perfect. I got started right away. Later, after a short bike ride, I did some more stills with the setting sun.

Beach Cottage Charm

The images feature our popular coasters, trivets, wine stoppers and wine charms in an afternoon cocktail setting. Our white cotton wreath is back in stock and made a short appearance as well as our new tan bowl and 5 pass monkey fist. Add a few shells, sea glass and a vintage bottle and you have plenty to work with.

wine glass with rope wine charm and coaster
porch photo shoot Mystic Knotwork
Maybe some ideas for this season's summer parties. The bowls are great for shell collections!
wine glass close up with coaster and wine charm
The wine charms come in 17 colors as do the coaster sets.
serene view of an ocean pond in the sunshine
coasters, trivet and wine charms table decor
Ok that's a lot of wine glass photos, sorry...but you get the idea right? 
relaxing by the coast
Ah, that's better!
Our white wreath makes a nice centerpiece for any table especially at weddings.
osprey in flight over nest
The whole time we were there an osprey couple were actively fishing and feathering their nest across the street. So nice to hear their calls and to see them carry the fish and huge nesting materials in their talons. 
tan monkey fist on windowsill
Couldn't resist the window setting.
empty beach southern Rhode Island
Short bike ride and beach walk
As the sun got lower in the sky the lighting improved.
Large tan trivet and the tan ocean plait trivet.
handmade small white cross
Our new small white cross happened to be in the bag!
beach and surf foggy morning
The next day not as sunny but beautiful nevertheless.


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May 05, 2023

Great photo shoot, Jill! How lucky to “step away” for just a while to enjoy the beautiful area. The Navy Handled Basket is on my wish list!

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