Working On Our Tan by Sue Waterman

April 11, 2023 1 min read 1 Comment

Working On Our Tan

A year or so ago one of our biggest wholesale customers asked if we had any other trivet colors. So we decided to bring a new color into the shop. We went with tan, approved our new custom color sample from the rope makers and patiently waited for delivery of the large spools. Bowls, handle baskets, dog toys, trivets, monkey fist balls and curtain tiebacks, it was a frenzy of tan knot tying. Our customers, including interior designers, are enjoying the new color.


dog toys Mystic Knotwork


The photo shoots started. Bailey holds the large tan dog toy next to a giant custom toy she tied in navy.

whipping a tan dog toy in the Mystic Knotwork workshop
Finishing the tan dog toy with a colorful whip.
tan dog toys, they floattying the finishing whip on a dog toy
tightening the finishing whip on a dog toy
Tightening the whip and tucking the ends.
small tan trivet Mystic Knotwork


The small well in our black and white kitchen.


Mystic Knotwork trivets now in 5 colors
making a tan trivet
Large tan trivet in the works.
artisan makes a tan trivet



Mystic Knotwork trivets in 5 colors


The dog toys come in 4 colors but you can personalize yours by choosing from 17 whip colors.
Mystic Knotwork tan bowl with shells

 Our bowls come in four colors. Tan is pictured above and below. Others are white, navy and gray.


Nautical tan bowl Mystic Knotwork
tan rope bowl in Mystic CT


tan handle basket Mystic Knotwork
Baskets are so cute, tan, white, navy and gray.
handle baskets on dock Mystic Knotwork


tan curtain tie back Mystic Knotwork
Curtain tie backs, great coastal cottage look. Also in white and navy.
tan monkey fist 5 pass style
The 5 pass monkey fist


group of tan trivets Mystic KNotwork
Tan trivets, large round, ocean plait and small round.



wine charms all colors Mystic Knotwork
We have a smaller rope in tan, a little lighter in color. Tan wine charm in top row. Coasters and bottle stoppers also in tan.


tan monkey fist table card holder
Monkey fists as table cards for wedding and events, very popular.
large 5 pass tan monkey fist ball


tan monkey fist curtain tie back






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April 27, 2023

I love, love your products. So many choices.

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