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  • March 30, 2023 5 min read 1 Comment

    Chat GPT is all the rage right now, so playing around a little bit, and was excited to see the following answer, uncoached on March 29, 2023.  I'm curious how the information changes.  Chat GPT is based on internet knowledge from 2021.

    What are the top 5 small businesses in Mystic?

    As an AI language model, my training data only goes up until 2021, so I may not be aware of any recent changes in the business landscape of Mystic. However, based on the information available to me, here are some of the top small businesses in Mystic, Connecticut:

    1. Mystic Knotwork: As I mentioned earlier, Mystic Knotwork is a small business that specializes in handmade nautical knots and rope crafts. They have a loyal customer base and have gained a reputation for their high-quality products.

    2. Sift Bake Shop: Sift is a bakery that offers a range of delicious treats, including cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and bread. They have won several awards for their baked goods and have been featured on the Food Network's "Cake Wars."Sift bakery Mystic CT

    3. Mystic Cheese Company: Mystic Cheese Company is a cheese shop that offers a variety of artisanal cheeses from around the world, as well as local and regional cheeses. They also offer cheese plates, sandwiches, and other food items.

    4. Grass & Bone: Grass & Bone is a butcher shop and restaurant that sources its meat from local farmers and ranchers who raise their animals humanely and sustainably. They also offer a range of other food items, such as sandwiches, salads, and prepared meals.

      *Note Grass and Bone did close recently, but the group has amazing restaurants in town including Engine Room and Oyster Club

      Engine Room restaurant Mystic CT

    5. Mystic Army Navy Store: The Mystic Army Navy Store is a family-owned business that sells military surplus items, as well as outdoor and camping gear. They have a wide selection of items and are a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs. 

     Army Navy Store Mystic CT

    So then I ask: 

    What is Mystic Knotwork?

    Mystic Knotwork is a small business located in Mystic, Connecticut that specializes in handmade nautical knots and rope crafts. The company was founded in 1957 by Alton Beaudoin, who started selling his knotwork out of a roadside stand. Today, the company is run by his granddaughter and her husband, and it continues to create high-quality knotwork products, such as rope bracelets, dog leashes, coasters, and keychains.

    Mystic Knotwork is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, and its products are sold online as well as in stores throughout the country. The company has been featured in various media outlets and has gained a reputation for its dedication to craftsmanship and traditional techniques.


    Chat GPT is close, surprisingly so.  The family business is run by a husband and wife.  Matt is the grandson, and Jill the wife.  Jill is much more active in social media and that is likely why Chat reversed the family relationship.  Also, Grandpa's shop was in a house, not a roadside stand, but unless you are familiar with Mystic, I can see where the AI created the assumption.



     Mystic Knotwork Workshop in Mystic CT


    Next Question:

    What is the most interesting thing about Mystic Knotwork?

    Knot tyer at Mystic Knotwork in CT

    One of the most interesting things about Mystic Knotwork is the fact that they specialize in traditional nautical knotwork and use techniques that have been passed down through generations. They create their products using high-quality, authentic materials and strive to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship. Their knotwork is not only visually appealing but also has functional uses, such as the sailor's bracelets that can be unraveled in an emergency situation to provide rope for tying knots.

    Additionally, Mystic Knotwork has a rich history and connection to the Mystic community. The company was founded in 1957 by Alton Beaudoin and has remained a family-owned and operated business ever since. They have adapted to changing times and continue to be a beloved local business that attracts tourists from all over the world. Overall, Mystic Knotwork's dedication to tradition and craftsmanship, as well as their connection to the local community, make them a fascinating and unique small business.



    Mystic Knotwork sailor bracelets and monkey fists on dock


    Chat GPT is obviously reading our press copy and text from rewards and news stories.  It's a lot of fun reading how it puts together so many ideas.  I particularly enjoy why the sailor bracelet is functional.  In person, I told stories about using my own sailor bracelet when I was about 10 years old to replace a broken zip tie that was holding my Sunfish Sailboat sail to the top of the mast.  Not sure how it found that idea, or if it was internally generated..



    Why do people visit Mystic Knotwork?

    People visit Mystic Knotwork for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that they are attracted to the company's high-quality, handmade nautical knotwork products. Mystic Knotwork is known for their sailor bracelets, which are made using traditional knotting techniques and high-quality materials, and their other rope-based products such as keychains, dog leashes, and coasters. These products are not only visually appealing but also have practical uses.Mystic Knotwork Knot Shop in Mystic CT

    In addition to their products, people visit Mystic Knotwork for the experience and atmosphere of the store. The company is located in Mystic, Connecticut, a picturesque coastal town that is a popular tourist destination. Mystic Knotwork's store has a cozy and welcoming feel, with ropes and knotwork displayed throughout, and visitors enjoy browsing the selection and learning more about the company's history and techniques.

    Finally, Mystic Knotwork also has a strong reputation for their dedication to craftsmanship and quality, and customers appreciate the care and attention to detail that goes into each product. Overall, people visit Mystic Knotwork for the combination of high-quality products, welcoming atmosphere, and dedication to tradition and craftsmanship.


    Notes:  No comments, but you can see that the Chat Bot is pulling the same dataset and repackaging to answer.


    Last Question for today, I have to get back to tying trivets:

    What are the top 7 things to do when visiting Mystic Knotwork?

    Top 7 things to do when visiting Mystic Knotwork

    While Mystic Knotwork is primarily a store that sells handmade nautical knotwork products, visitors to Mystic, Connecticut can enjoy a range of activities in the area. Here are seven things to do when visiting Mystic Knotwork:

    Tease:  This list is amazing, here is a screenshot to preview, but there are so many good ideas, it belongs in it's own follow up Blog article with pictures and deeper ideas than Chat AI gave us.





    The AI engine is limited, but gave me some perspective on how the machine behind the internet sees the data we put out into the world.  I think it's a fun thing to toy with from time to time.  Go see for yourself and put in some of your favorite places and see what it knows.

    If I understand correctly, the chat sessions don't feed out to the common knowledge, yet, but the more popular things are asked about in the chats, it's possible that the AI will seek more knowledge on them.  Let's make the AI more interested in the fun side of life by asking it questions about things that enrich our time and bring us closer together.


     Mystic Knotwork named by Chat AI the best small business in Mystic


    What is Mystic Knotwork as described by Chat AI


    Chat AI says what it finds most interesting about Mystic Knotwork


    Chat AI tells us why people Visit Mystic Knotwork in Connecticut



     Kayaking Mystic River CT

    Hiking Barn Island CTMystic Seaport Mystic CT

    Mystic Art Festival Mystic Ct

    Mystic Irish Parade Mystic CT


    1 Response

    Jerry Maske
    Jerry Maske

    April 27, 2023

    I’m a good friend with Skip Hipps. He replicated the “Seaman’s Institute” for a family that had missed the original at an auction. I’ll be in Mystic Easter week. We will arrive on Monday however late it gets; driving from north, Coastal Maine. You’ll know me by my Cane; I’m able to do decorative knotting, along with Skip. And yes, we have collaborated. See you this week.

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