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  • July 19, 2022 2 min read

    Mystic is a great town for walking and we do a lot! Jill is out everyday taking pictures with Betsy Mongrel at her side. She posts on Instagram 3-4 times a week with the latest local events and what's new at the shop.

    Mystic Knotwork's Betsy Mongrel wishing the book cart was hot dogs

    While stopping by this book mobile, Betsy Mongrel asking "where are the hot dogs?" during her walk at the Mystic River Park.

    Mystic Knotwork Instagram Photos
    Upper left, sketching by Betsy Barry, the illustrator of our new Basic Knot Book and right below, Jill's macramé giant star in the works.
    Mystic Knotwork Instagram Photos

    4th of July inspiration and our beautiful woven bowl.

    Mystic Knotwork Instagram Photos

    Bottom row, a happy knot tyer and The Knotmobile catching some rays.

    Mystic Knotwork Instagram Photos

    Boats are constantly going up and down the river during the summer. Great photo opportunities while they wait for the bridge to go up.

    Mystic Knotwork Instagram Photos

    Fascinating large boats and a view of our monkey fist key chains at the 25 Cottrell St. shop.

    Mystic Knotwork Instagram Photos

    The new fish hook bracelet and The Argia motoring by. She takes daysail charters up and down the river and out into the sound weather permitting, lots of happy visitors.

    Mystic Knotwork Instagram Photos

    A fine pet enjoying one of our gray dog toys and stripe sailor bracelets so popular this time of year in your favorite colors.

    Mystic Knotwork Instagram Photos

    One of a kind manila boat fenders in the Cottrell St. shop and coasters with the 100th year bridge celebration glasses. Get the glasses and other Mystic items at the Mystic Chamber Bascule Bridge Visitor Center, 22 E. Main St., Downtown, Mystic. Don't miss the 100th Year Celebration Oct. 15.

    Mystic Knotwork Instagram photos

    Upper left, Mystic Boat Adventures has small motorboats available for rent to tour the river with a guide. Jill's one of a kind macramé work on a glass float.

    Mystic CT River Traffic

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