Everyone Needs A Set of Nautical Coasters by Sue Waterman

2 Holmes Street and 25 Cottrell Street  Downtown Mystic, CT 06355


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July 06, 2022 1 min read

I love the way these coasters look and work! By a feat of physics the glass rests evenly on this nautical coaster. Beads of sweat are no problem and evaporate quickly leaving no puddles or marks on your grandmother's table. So many colors to choose from. Our color chart is below. Liven up the party with the wine charms too.
Mystic Knotwork white coaster
our coasters, 100% cotton, made in the USA


Mystic Knotwork navy coaster and red wine charm
red wine charm and navy coaster
Mystic Knotwork coasters and fruit bowl
colorful coasters from Mystic Knotwork
Mystic Knotwork white coasterMystic Knotwork coasters
at Red 36 in Mystic
Mystic Knotwork coaster and artisan knot tyer
making coasters at the Cottrell St. shop
Mystic Knotwork's colorful coaster sets
coasters come in sets of 4 or buy them singly
Mystic Knotwork white coaster set
set of 4 white coasters
Mystic Knotwork grey coaster set
Mystic Knotwork's piles of coasters
large order getting ready to ship
Mystic Knotwork coasters at Clyde's Cider Mill
coasters and bracelets celebrating fall at Clyde's Cider Mill
Mystic Knotwork coasters and trivets on the water
photo shoot on the dock in Mystic
Mystic Knotwork navy coaster
navy one of the popular colors
Mystic Knotwork nautical coastersMystic Knotwork coaster at RED36
Mystic Knotwork coaster at RED36
love the photo shoots at the Mystic restaurants, Red 36
Mystic Knotwork color swatch sheet
Mystic Knotwork coaster sets many colorsMystic Knotwork coasters turquoise and purple
Mystic Knotwork nautical Home Dec coasters and wine stoppers
Mystic Knotwork's navy coaster and lime wine charm
Mystic Knotwork's coaster and anchor bracelet
white coaster and brass anchor bracelet at the Whaler's Inn


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