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  • Basic Knot Book

    Authored here at Mystic Knotwork, this is an easy read book.  Learn to tie 17 knots including our turkshead and monkey fist instructions to help you on the more creative side.  24 pages of sketches and written instructions.

    In this new book from Mystic Knotwork's Matt Beaudoin we introduce you to some simple knots and provide a reference for your use. Hand illustrated by Mystic's colored pencil artist, Betsy Barry, this is truly a local collaboration project printed in the USA.

    I was born into a knot tying business and take it for granted that many knots in this book I’ve known since before I could ride a bike. There are some very large books written on the topic, but I wanted to share a simple booklet that can be used as a pocket reference. The goal is to help you learn these basic knots along with a couple of more fun, but less simple ones.

    Table of Contents

    Half Hitch
    Double Half Hitch
    Square Knot
    Figure 8
    Double Figure 8
    Clove Hitch
    Carrick Bend
    Sheet Bend
    Common Whipping
    Eye Splice
    Short Splice
    Back Splice
    Turk’s Head Bracelet
    Monkey Fist