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  • May 02, 2023 1 min read

    Our artisan group of knot tyers not only ties our regular inventory of home decor and jewelry but now and then go off on their own, taking time to try different patterns and knots. These items are one of a kind and are only found in our two shops in Mystic. Unique and not mass produced you will always find a special treasure when you visit our shops.

    Story Of The Mystic Knotwork Dragonfly

    It all started when Jill decided to make some macrame dragonflies. The first ones were made out of twine, tying with the typical rope/cord for macrame. Moving on to our satin cord, which we use to trim our outline sailor bracelets. The perfect choice for her dragonfly pins.

    Then all of a sudden there was a huge dragonfly in the shop, and another! Watching the evolution of design was surprising and fun. Soon they were outside on the wreaths decorating the front of our shops.



    In The Garden Of Mystic

    All the dragonflies and flowers are tied and the decorating begins.

     Matt and Jill, a knotty team

    Oops, can we move that one over a bit?



    Even though it was blowing a steady 15 knots the task was completed!


     Fabulous right?



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