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  • May 17, 2023 3 min read

    Sailor's and people who love the the sea generally have an interest in the history of Mermaids. I have always been fascinated by them and how they have been depicted as jewelry and art around the world for centuries. Are there stories and myths that they really exist? I have never seen one but would love too.

    Well at the Inn, right down the street from us in Downtown Mystic, many of the walls have been painted with Mermaids and related ocean scenes. Jill and I visited the other day and took lots of photos of our products in this nautical bed & breakfast. Our knotty items fit right in on the mantels, shelves, entry ways, doors and tables.

    The Inn has beautifully themed bedrooms and bathrooms, a breakfast room, sitting areas including enormous covered porches for outdoor seating. Only a short walk to downtown, restaurants and shopping. Surely a relaxing vacation getaway!

    An example of the types of murals you will find inside. Some of the artwork in the inn was painted by one of Mystic's premier artists, Jennifer Wolcin.
    A beautiful gazebo awaits you at the end of the long wrap around porch with views of the Mystic River.
    Our square mat and large door stop. 
    Our largest mat and large door stop, quite the nautical look.
    Although our coasters come in 17 colors here we featured the ocean blues coaster sets in turquoise, royal and medium blue. The white cotton bowl fit right in on one of the dining tables.
    The white woven basket holds an assortment of monkey fist balls.
    Our 3 pass white cotton monkey fist and the 5 pass tan monkey fist, great nautical decoration or as table card holders for weddings and events.
    The breakfast room, we need some muffins in that bowl.
    The bowls are pretty handy for holding shells or hand towels too.
    Their mermaid collection is so fun. Book ends, picture frames, wire figures...
    This seahorse tablecloth in the dining room, too cute.
    This soft sculptured mermaid on the piano, baby grand, could not be ignored.
    Large manila door stop and an old sea chest.
    Well, another fabulous mural in one of the baths. 
    The gray basket looking right at home.
    A faux painted mantel to go with the blue faux painted wall in the blue room.
    The new tan bowl and an unusual relief art work.
    The small gray trivet works as a large coaster with the matching gray basket. A nice spot for the white basket, this corner of the mantel.
    The Rose room, very pink but very cozy with nice afternoon light.
    Mermaids everywhere, you won't want to leave this bathroom.
    Our door stops, large and small, are tied around cement balls and really work, but they are also great as decoration.
    We found a spot for our white coaster.
    A happy bunch, sea horses too. Live a charmed life....
    It would be great to arrive in the Ivory room and find the basket filled with chocolates.
    Wonder what's behind the towels!
    You can see another mural reflected in the mirror of this roomy bathroom.
    Our manila wreath usually found on a door or as a table centerpiece was absconded by this duck. Although not a mermaid, this duck has the right colors going on.
    prolong manila door mat on porch steps of Mermaid Inn in Mystic
    We have 4 manila door mats and moved them around the property. Here, the prolong manila door mat, although wide is less deep than the others.
    The square mat on the large porch is a big seller.
    A cozy corner on the wrap around porch.

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