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  • June 23, 2021 1 min read

    knotwork letters Mystic Knotwork
    knotwork letters tee shirt for Mystic Connecticut

    It took a while but our new t-shirt is now available online. The letters in 'Mystic' are styled after hand tied rope letters. We think it's pretty cool. Supporting Mystic Connecticut on the back and our pocket size logo on the front.

    We are always on the hunt for folks who would like to model for us. This time I talked my godson and his wife into a shoot by the water with the t-shirts, hair sticks and bracelets. They were in, and also looked forward to some fun photos to share with family and coasters and a couple of bracelets for themselves.

    Both having grown up on the water, they were comfortable as models and had even more fun rowing around for a bit. 

    Rowing with Mystic Knotwork
    Mystic Knotwork tee shirts
    Mystic Connecticut Mystic Knotwork tee shirts
    Mystic Knotwork logo tee shirt
    Mystic Knotwork sailor bracelet and tee shirt
    Mystic Knotwork t-shirts
    Mystic Knotwork t-shirt

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