Nautical Original Sailor Bracelet, 18 Color Custom Nautical Bracelet handmade for $ 7.00

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Original Sailor Bracelet, 18 Color Custom Nautical Bracelet

Catch the classic look of a traditional sailor bracelet, the nautical bracelet, a New England coastal signature piece for over 60 years

Nautical Bracelets come in many shapes today, designers are trying to catch a magic that we found over 60 years ago..  We've been making this woven bracelet continuously for generations.

There is more to a sailor bracelet than the weaving pattern that makes the look.  There is also the feel of a traditional hard laid cord that lets you know this is going to last.  Like a good pair of jeans, these bracelets will become part of your style, as they have for the rest of us here in New England.

This classic cotton bracelet is about 1.25 inches wide. Stretch it over your hand and than shape around your wrist to fit. Get it wet for and even tighter fit!

    For custom sizing, please put the request in the comments box at checkout, ex:  XL 9 inches

    Discount pricing is available for events HERE