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  • July 07, 2021 1 min read

    This past June 26 was Mystic's 2nd Floatchella paddle craft concert. The bands were set up on the floating stage just north of the Mystic Bascule Bridge. Paddle boarders, kayakers, canoes and row boats gathered round, many rafting together, enjoying the sights and sounds on the Mystic River.
    Jill managed to get away from our busy workshop to grab some photos of this fun event. Attendees and passersby were asked to donate to the event, the money raised goes to local small businesses and the business community to help fund events.
    And it's not over yet, there will be another Floatchella paddle craft concert on Sept.11, see you there! Visit the Mystic Chamber for more info.
    Floatchella Mystic 2021
    the floating stage Floatchella Mystic
    fish on Mystic Ct
    Mystic Paddle craft concert Floatchella
    Floatchella gathering Mystic River
    kayaking the Mystic River
    kayakers under the Mystic bridge
    Floatchella spectators on the Mystic Bridge
    white labrador retreiver in canoe at Floatchella Mystic
    paddlers gather to listen at Mystic's Floatchella 2021
    paddlers at Mystic Floatchella 2021
    SUP at Mystic's 2021 Floatchella
    pup catching a ride on a paddle board
    floating stage at the Floatchella in Mystic 2021
    aerial shot of Floatchella Mystic June 2021
    Parting shot, an aerial view of the floating dock and paddling spectators courtesy of the Mystic Chamber

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