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  • June 10, 2021 2 min read

    engine room mystic

    We talk about the outdoor patios of Mystic, how beautiful they are and how nice it is to sit outside and enjoy a meal. Well I have done it once or twice in the 2 1/2 years I have been in Mystic. This year will be different. Check back for more photos!

    engine room deck mysticengine room shade mystic ct

    The Engine Room another downtown Mystic restaurant has these fabulous umbrellas and some trees for shade. Got a little carried away with the shadow shots.

    engine room view mystic
    engine room deck umbrella mystic
    S&P Oyster Bar and Restaurant
    S&P Oyster Bar in early spring before the patio umbrellas went up. Mystic Harbor Tours tied at the dock.


    s and p oyster geranium

    We pass by the S&P Oyster Restaurant and Bar almost every day on our way to the workshops. It is across the street from our 2 Holmes St. shop. Their patio is so inviting with lots of river views. 

    mystic outdoor dining

    Their plantings are incredible with a large variety of annuals and perennials. 

    Extensive gardens at the S&P Oyster Bar & Restaurant

    s and p oyster restaurant mystic
    cool in the shade mystic s and p oysters and p oyster stone patio mystic

    You are surrounded by flowers and stonewalls on one side and the Mystic River on the other. Right next to the Mystic bascule bridge, you can watch it raise and lower as the boats wait to pass through.

    Anthony J's Mystic CT

    Anthony J's across from S&P Oyster, cute outdoor patio!


    Treehouse oyster club mystic


    The Treehouse is the outdoor patio area of the Oyster Club, a farm to table style restaurant specializing in oysters of course. 


    Treehouse Mystic CT

      I can't wait to get up there and enjoy the too.

    treehouse oyster club mystic river view
    One of the river views from the Treehouse.
    Red 36 in Mystic CT
    Red 36 sits right on the river a little north of the swing train bridge. Wonderful views up and down the river.
    the deck Red 36 mystic CT
    View from Red 36 restaurant
    Trestle bridge, view from Red 36 restaurant Mystic River
    Twister's Ice Cream Mystic CT
    On your way out towards Olde Mystick Village is Twisters known for ice cream and right next door the Sea View Snack Bar
    Sea View Snack Bar Mystic CT
    Mystic Diner And Restaurant
    Mystic Diner and Restaurant located across from Olde Mystick Village.
    Taquerio, Margaritas and Tacos
    Near downtown, and a gas station at one time, the newly renovated Taquerio serves hot tacos and Margaritas.
    Come visit us in Mystic!

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