The Custom Cord Colors Of Mystic Knotwork by Sue Waterman

September 13, 2023 2 min read

Our Custom Colors

Our cotton cord colors were custom created by us. Working with the manufacturer we were able to design and choose each color. So when you get a Mystic Knotwork bracelet you know it is unique and made in the USA.

So what colors sell the best? Well we have the traditional nautical colors, considered safe as far as fashion goes. Navy, popular white, royal, medium blue, green, gray, tan and red.

For the younger set or the fashion conscious elite we have some brighter colors, turquoise, pink, lime, yellow, orange and purple.



custom colors mystic knotwork
mystic knotwork popular white sailor bracelet

We have seen people mix 3 bracelets at a time making their own color statement. Or take it to the next step and design your stripe bracelet which you can do online Choose any 2 colors of your choice!

Design Your Own Stripe Online

bracelet colors of Mystic Knotwork
mystic knotwork sailor bracelets

Another opportunity to go wild with our colors are the adjustable bracelets and anklets in the chevron design, a two color option and of course there is the solid.

solid adjustable bracelets mystic knotwork

Adjustables: Solids and Chevron Stripe

mystic knotwork solid adjustable bracelets
mystic knotwork bracelet colors
mystic knotwork adjustable anklets

Recently we had an inventory discussion on the lime cord. Should we bring more in, it's not one of our top sellers but it's popular, especially when combined with pink! One family bought the pink and lime bracelets for all the guests at their young daughter's birthday party.

white and lime Mystic Knotwork
tying adjustable bracelets mystic knotwork

Pink and Lime

Mystic Knotwork pink and lime sailor braceletpink orange sailor bracelets mystic knotwork

pink/lime, pink/orange, pink/turquoise, pink/purple, lime/purple, lime/royal, purple/royal, purple/orange, red/orange, royal/pink, so many combinations...infinite options!

stripe bracelets mystic knotwork

In The Workshop

custom cord colors mystic knotwork
stripe bracelets mystic knotwork

When you visit our 2 shops in Mystic there will be some ready made bracelets to choose from. If you don't see your colors just ask and one of our artisans will make one for you while you watch.
stripe bracelets Mysti Knotwork

Custom Made In The Shop

tying sailor bracelets mystic knotwork
tropical colors mystic knotwork



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