The Knot Makers Of Mystic Knotwork by Sue Waterman

March 14, 2023 2 min read

Through The Years, Our Knot Tyers

We have a lot of tyers that work in the shop on a daily basis and others who work at home. Keeping the inventory up is always a challenge between the two shops in Mystic and for our website orders. Our artisans mostly come from an art or craft background bringing with them much enthusiasm for creativity.
Our snowmen and Santas were developed during idle conversation in the shop while tying. First the snowman then the next year the Santa was created. Pretty sure there is an angel still in the works!
The giant shamrock started as a singular creative project. It has now finessed into let's make a bunch and decorate the lighthouse at the Holmes St. shop in celebration of the Irish Parade. Hopefully the wind will stop blowing so we can hang them.
making santas and snowmen Mystic Knotwork
Santa and snowman frenzy Christmas 2022
making wreaths Mystic Knotworkfinishing a wreath Mystic Knotwork
Lobster pot wreaths, indoor or outdoor use
Josh, the master manila maker, takes on the giant shamrock challenge
Jill, sitting among her buoy friends, also makes a lot of macramé items available in our 2 shops in Mystic. Her macramé buoys hung on the Stonington Lobster Trap Tree along with other artisan's buoys. I love this photo!
Everyone tries their hand(s) tying the plant hangers, choosing colors and their own patterns. These are available in both Mystic shops.
Our door mats come in 4 sizes, some people even hang them on the wall.
Giant custom tugboat fender, what a project!
Tying letters for our Knotwork window sign
Finishing sailor bracelets and whipping the whale tail bracelets
Some Halloween fun and our pumpkin creation
Complete with fake fangs, Megan holds a custom Halloween basket
Dawn, Halloween ready, totally color coordinated and matching the coasters in progress
knot tyers at work Mystic Knotwork
Holiday line up, Santa beards, Santas, snowmen, trivets and ornaments
Boutonnieres for weddings
Custom anchor 
Jill makes a giant star Mystic Knotwork
Most amazing of all, Jill's macramé star
In the Cottrell St. shop
Tying the heart necklace
Braiding the adjustable bracelets
The stripe bracelets are so popular
making door stops Mystic Knotwork
The manila room, tying a door stop
two tyers making this large rope mat, Mystic Knotwork
Mat making goes a lot faster with two
making bracelets mystic knotwork
Adjustable bracelets in the works
making a grommet wreath Mystic Knotwork
The beautiful grommet wreath
artisan at work Mystic Knotworktying tree ornaments Mystic Knotwork
Custom work and finishing tree ornaments in the shop
making a woven manila rope bowl Mystic Knotwork
Woven bowls, a fine art
Manila wreaths and yes we have tee shirts
making the 7' sennett wreath Mystic Knotwork
The now famous wreath, 7 feet wide, hangs on the Mystic Bridge
Lots of work but lots of fun!
Cynthia's first giant shamrock was worth the effort
finishing a giant shamrock Mystic Knotwork
Shamrock frenzy 2023
artisan with giant shamrock Mystic Knotwork
Next generation, working on her first wreath!


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