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  • January 05, 2023 3 min read


    Around the 2nd week in December we were trying to keep up with holiday orders. Everyone was spending a little more time on ornaments, wreaths, whale tail and anchor bracelets. Then we received a call from ABC World News Tonight. They were wondering if we wanted to be included in David Muir's Made In America segment. Of course we did. We shot some video throughout the shop and sent it on its way. Looking forward to a slight boost in sales as we have been featured before in other news casts on other stations.

    But never did we predict this, just 10 days before Christmas, imagine our surprise when within a couple hours of David's nightly 6:30 broadcast we had about 1000 orders! 

    The sales continued to pour in with the phone ringing off the hook. The crew went into overdrive tying knots. It was very exciting, fun, pizza...but then we realized we needed a lot more shipping boxes, tape and cookies!
    Santa ornament assembly line
    Santa and snowman production was on full speed.


    Megan working on Santa's and snowmen at the same time! Oops I see some wreath ornaments and trivets there too.
    This snowman didn't want to leave, Jill talked him into it, you're going to a new home.
    Santas about to get their beards trimmed. Not too short now.
    We printed sheets and sheets of items that needed to be made as we sold out of our current holiday inventory.
    mystic knotwork santas and snowmen
    The lobster rope wreaths and manila wreaths were very popular. Barb and Jill putting the finishing touches on the lobster rope wreaths. Josh, who works remotely, tied 75 manila wreaths overnight!
    We built up more inventory and set up a pick system to move thing's along. One day the post office came 3 times to pick up our mail. They even came on Sunday!
    Jill wreath making in the manila room.
    Josh's manila wreaths and Jill's lobster rope wreaths. Matt making room for the large pieces of mail to be picked up.
    The fish hook, anchor and whale tail bracelets were hugely popular.
    Aimee kept the shipments going.
    I got a call from the truck driver, connection was bad but pretty sure he said he was coming into Mystic with a tractor trailer truck. Could he make it through? Told him to stay on Cottrell don't go around to the back, side roads too small. Luckily there were 3 empty parking spots near the front of the shop. And we didn't block traffic. And he did make it out.
    ABC contacted us again to find out how we did and could we send more video? Well we did and consequently after they aired it we had another 300 orders. Thank you David Muir and ABC! Here is the link to the follow up clip.
    All in all it was a colorful and bright holiday season. Jill and Matt decorated their drawbridge wreath.
    And Jill's giant star made it to the Starry Lights exhibit in Westerly/Pawcatuck. Check out Jill's Youtube video of the exhibit.
    Let's not forget the Lobster Trap Tree in Stonington. Artists from around New England decorated 100's of buoys. Jill decorated some buoys with her macrame and also made a beautiful video which you can view on Youtube.
    Mystic Knotwork's macrame buoy
    A quiet moment in front of our shop on the Mystic River Green.
    Happy New Year!!!



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