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  • August 31, 2022 2 min read

    Manila rope, yes it is from Manila, the capital and chief city of the Philippines. This rope is the original whaler's rope and ship's rope. It is still made today, from the leaves of the abaca plant. The Philippines grows 85% - 95% of the earth's abaca, a sustainable textile resource. The production of the rope employs 1.5 million people.
    As always this is a collection of our favorite photos taken from over the years.
    Mystic Knotwork manila wreath
    Our manila wreath is very popular on coastal doors and and nautical home settings.
    Mystic Knotwork manila wreath centerpiece
    Many weddings feature our wreaths as a centerpiece paired up with monkey fist card holders. Other available colors are white and navy.


    Mystic Knotwork manila wreathMystic Knotwork manila wreath
    Mystic Knotwork manila wedding ball
    Mystic Knotwork manila monkey fist
    Our monkey fists are a fun addition to any nautical decor, available in the manila and white and navy.
    Mystic Knotwork manila monkey fistsmanila monkey fists Mystic Knotwork
    Mystic Knotwork square door mat
    All our manila doormats are made by us! They are so nautical and come in 4 beautiful styles. Indoor or outdoor and maybe even hung over a mantel. This is the square mat and measures about 27x19 inches.
    Mystic Knotwork abok 2275 door mat
    The larger Abok 2275 about 46x21 inches, a real beauty.
    Mystic Knotwork artisans making a manila door mat
    Doormat being finished in our manila room on Cottrell St.
    Mystic Knotwork round door mat
    The round mat about 28x22 inches.
    prolong door mat Mystic Knotwork
    A longer narrower style, the prolonged mat, 41x15 inches.
    Mystic Knotwork door stops
    Best door stops ever! Small or large.
    Mystic Knotwork artisan ties door stop
    Mystic Knotwork door stop
    Mystic Knotwork owner Matt and door stops
    Mystic Knotwork large door stopMystic Knotwork large door stop
    Mystic Knotwork grommet wreath on entrance door
    The grommet wreath is a real beauty made from super thick 2" twisted manila. It is adorned with a wide fancy turkshead knot. A statement piece that weighs nearly 5 lbs. and is approximately 16-17" across.
    Mystic Knotwork grommet wreath on front door
    Mystic Knotwork's manila grommet wreath
    Mystic Knotwork manila trivetMystic Knotwork manila trivet
    Manila trivets or small wall decor, 10" diameter.
    Mystic Knotwork manila items
    Most of our manila items are available online, although if you come into the shop you will see some one of a kind creations.
    Mystic Knotwork manila knots
    Our manila table and mascot, Betsy, checking for customers.
    Mystic Knotwork tying manila room
    The manila room, off to the right once you walk into our Cottrell St. shop in Mystic, is always full of manila projects.
    Mystic Knotwork manila room


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