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  • Nautical Wreath, Manila Rope Wreath Sailor Knot Wreath for wall or Centerpiece

    Manila makes the iconic Nautical Wreath in Mystic, CT.  Nearly as popular as the evergreen, the woven sailor wreath makes the shoreline Christmas decoration complete. 

    This rustic manila wreath is made with 1/2" manila rope and is about 17" across. Leave it hanging all year long; you can keep it plain or dress it up for the holidays.

    This wreath is unadorned. Be creative and decorate it however you choose, or leave it undecorated for a more rustic look.

    We make these with or without frame.  We recommend the frame if the wreath will be exposed to dampness, but the frame isn't necessary hanging indoors or set directly on a table top as a centerpiece.

    A growing tradition is to decorate with local or seasonal finds..or just attach your favorite shells.