Mostly Nautical Trivets For Holiday and Year-Round by Sue Waterman

November 16, 2022 1 min read

It's that time of year to set your table and most likely more than once! If you are the nautical type you'll want to include our trivets that come in a handful colors. Red, navy, gray and white, small and large. We also make a large one out of manila rope, super nautical, a rustic casual style.
Also available are coasters, bottle stoppers and napkin rings if you really want to go nautically wild.
Thanksgiving table with Mystic Knotwork navy trivet
white trivet with Christmas cookies
Large white trivet with warm plate of sugar cookies.
holiday rope napkin ring
Red napkin ring, coaster and monkey fist table card holder. Photo by @KristyNewEngland


Large red trivet and the red ocean plait trivet which is an oval shape.
holiday bread tree and large trivets
Large trivets hold up a platter with the holiday bread roll tree.


Mystic Knotwork Christmas table
Waffles anyone?
wine bottle on Mystic Knotwork trivet
Good shot of the white ocean plait trivet, our sparkly ornaments and bottle stoppers. Photo by @KristyNewEngland
Coasters and large trivet, looking nautical.
holiday table with Mystic Knotwork bowl centerpiece
Our large white bowl holds some beautiful roses in this nautical holiday setting. Photo by @KristyNewEngland.
Large manila trivet and the navy trivet.
Mystic Knotwork red trivet and hot dish
trivets on table at Mystic Knotwork
Large trivets on display in our Cottrell St. workshop and store.
Mystic Knotwork trivet table in the shop
Decisions, decisions.
Ocean plait trivets, gray and white.
picnic scene with dog and trivet
These small trivets worked well on the grass helping to hold our glasses straight.
cheese board, trivets and wine picnic scene
Coasters, bottle stopper, trivets and a bowl at our The Whaler's Inn photo session a while back.
kitchen counter with coffee pot and trivet
Small trivet at work on the kitchen island.
woven manila table runner by Mystic Knotwork
Our woven manila mat as a holiday table runner.


Mystic Knotwork red trivet and anchor bracelet


Small red trivet brightening up this photo of our brass anchor bracelet and large monkey fist.



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