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  • December 29, 2016 2 min read 1 Comment

    TOPtoTOP arrives at Mystic

    I'm an life and in our work.

    I quit my job 6 years ago because I didn't feel right driving the miles I did.  I didn't feel right throwing broken parts away where 90% of that part was still usable because there was no money rebuilding the part.

    I put my main shop walking distance from where I live, and when I build my workshop it will be right in the middle of a local city with employees able to reach the shop by foot or bike.

    Earlier this month, Top to Top visited Mystic. Their presentation at Mystic Aquarium put focus on how I live and the message behind how I see the world.  Dario said one thing, and I'm sure this isn't a perfect quote...

    "Speed is killing our planet. Go slow, enjoy experiences, and save the planet. The human mind is designed to explore and experience at a walking pace.  When we slow down, we get more enjoyment out of experiences."

    TOPtoTOP at Mystic Seaport

    The Schworer family at Mystic Seaport

    As my patience is tested by my manila shipment taking 45 days at sea to cross half the globe, I'm reminded that the container is traveling in the most fuel economic way possible, saving an additional 43% of the already efficient water transit.  Per ton, 7,000 miles slow over the ocean cost the same emissions as 200 miles by truck.  We buy local as much as we can, all our cotton is from the East coast of the US.  Buying local is good, but slow transportation and local is best.  We look out for the environment with every purchase.

    We take the step of buying in high volume and having our goods 'shipped slow.'  We also patiently wait for the 'machine time' to have our material made when there are gaps in their production. That keeps your prices down, but it also keeps the damage we create in the environment to a minimum.

    Schoenenberger Family takes a break from ToptoTop sail to visit Mystic Knotwork


    Read further at TOPtoTOP and their visit to Mystic

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    1 Response

    April Beedle
    April Beedle

    February 17, 2017

    Enjoyed the visit to your website, a lot of really cool nautical decor – I am Knot Crazy! too! Also, the Toptotop story caught my eye, Dario and his family spend some of their time in our small coastal town Cordova Alaska! They are definitely an inspiration, really really great folks. Keep up the nice knot work, check out my Knot Crazy! fb site some day. Smiles!

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