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  • January 05, 2022 2 min read

    Sailor knot bracelets go by many names -  turks head knot bracelets, friendship bracelets, rope bracelets, cotton bracelets, woven bracelets or shark bracelets. No matter what they are called, we get lots of questions here at Mystic Knotwork. Here are the 5 most common questions.

    1. Should the bracelet be hard to put on?

    Yes, it should be tight going over your knuckles so it's not too big on your wrist.

    sailor bracelets Mystic Knotwork

    2. Will my bracelet shrink or stretch out?

    It will shrink!  If your bracelet feels too big on your wrist, just get it wet and it should shrink right down onto your wrist. Check out our youtube video so you can see exactly how much it shrinks.

    white sailor bracelet mystic knotworkwhite sailor bracelet and whale tail set

    3. Will my bracelet get dirty?

    Yes, it will get dirty eventually and the colored bracelets will fade over time. It is all part of the sailor knot mystique. Imagine wearing a T-shirt for months straight without ever taking it off. It will get dirty or fade. Sailor knot bracelets are cotton, just like a T-shirt.

    mystic knotwork sailor bracelets onboard

    4. Can I clean my bracelet?

    Yes! The easiest way to clean your bracelet is to give it a scrub with some soap while you are in the shower. Eventually you will want to cut it off and get a new one. Typically, people wear them for the summer and then cut them off, but I know people who have worn the same bracelet for years!

    cutting off the old sailor bracelet

    5. Can anyone wear a sailor knot bracelet?

    Yes! Anyone can wear a sailor bracelet, young or old, any gender, any country. Pass down the tradition to your kids, or bring back happy memories of wearing one yourself, or start a new tradition if you have never worn one.

    many hands sailor braceletsElway the duck and adjustable sailor bracelet

    mystic knotwork white sailor bracelet



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