Lobster Trap Tree In Nearby Stonington by Sue Waterman

December 08, 2021 1 min read

You must visit the Mystic area this December! A new addition is the lobster trap tree in nearby Stonington decorated with uniquely designed colorful buoys! Artists, children and others decorated the buoys, the variety of artistry is amazing!

The tree is made out of lobster traps and you can walk inside it! The view from inside is awesome. Jill macraméd a bunch of buoys with her knots. She, Matt and other organizers spent a night tying loops on all of them so they could hang on the tree.  lobstertraptree.com The tree is located at the Stonington Town Fisherman Docks.

The lighting was a fun event and now you can visit it every day through January! Thank you Westerly Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce!

Stonington CT buoy tree
macrame lobster buoy
Jill said the macramé took a long time to tie for each buoy. The results are great though!
macraméd lobster pot buoysjill and buoys
Professional artists, children and others decorated over 300 buoys.
lobster pot buoy with dog artlobster pot buoy painted
lobster pot buoy Stonington CTlobster pot buoy Stonington CT
lobster pot buoy Stonington CTlobster pot buoy Stonington CT
lobster pot buoy Stonington CTlobster pot buoy Stonington CT
lobster pot buoy Stonington CTlobster pot buoy Stonington CT
line for buoys
Attaching the loops for hanging was a process but a good time.
looping the buoysbuoys for lobster buoy tree
prepping buoy loops Mystic Knotworktying buoy loops Stonington CT
Matt seals the ends of the line with a heat knife.
buoys ready for tree Stonington CT
Ready to hang on the tree!
Dime Bank Buoy for tree
buoys on Stonington tree
Sea Well Seafood buoybuoys Stonington tree
inside looking up buoy tree CT
The view looking up from inside the tree. Each lobster pot has a brick inside.
inside the Stonington buoy tree
lobster pot buoy tree Stonington CT
all lit up Stonington CT
lobster pot buoy tree Stonington CT
After Christmas Jill and Matt visited the tree in the snow.
Stonington lobster trap tree in snow
mystic knotwork macramé buoyMystic Knotwork's macramé buoy by Jill
Stonington lobster trap tree at night
the dog watch cafe lobster trap tree buoyGrey Sail Brewery lobster trap tree buoy
Our Mystic friend's portrait at the lobster trap tree
Our friends from Mystic, holiday portrait with their new pup. Visit #stoningtonlobstertraptree to see other family portraits.
family portrait at lobster trap tree
Even the dogs get into the act @bobmauthe 
lobster trap tree photo op
Photographer, traveler @keya8687feeling the spirit
family portrait lobster trap tree Stonington
Family portrait with @chionchi
lobster trap tree kiss Stonington
@volantys captured this kiss by chance of @michaelacruc 
Stonington Lobster Trap Tree sign

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