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  • January 18, 2022 2 min read

    Our Top Five Best Selling Designs Of 2021

    We thought it would be fun to take some time off from tying and tally our most popular designs from 2021. Keep in mind 2021 was a busy year for us, between tying knots, finding and training more artisans, and keeping up with summer orders.

    1 The Original Sailor Bracelet

    2 Traditional Keychain

    3  Adjustable Bracelet

    4  Striped Sailor Bracelet

    5 Turks Head Coaster Set of Four


    1. Original Sailor Bracelet

    This bracelet has always been the number one seller. It comes in all sizes and colors and is a long time summer tradition. I even had one back in the 60's! We also have a DIY booklet that teaches you how to tie one.

    2. Traditional Keychain With Split Ring

    Traditional keychain. When you pull your keys out everyone will know you are a sailor type. This keychain screams salty dog. Don't leave home or your car without it! Also great as wedding favors for those nautical weddings.

    3. Adjustable Bracelet

    Great because it is adjustable, in stripes and solid colors. When you need to give a sailor gift and you don't know someone's size the adjustable is a fitting choice. Get the matching anklet and/or necklace to complete the set.

    4. Striped Sailor Bracelet

    Stripe sailor bracelet. Taking the original sailor bracelet up a notch. Available in many color combinations, great for school colors, club colors, sports teams and special events. Or to coordinate your summer wardrobe or wedding colors.

    5. Turks Head Coaster Set of 4

    Nicely packaged set of 4 coasters. A lovely addition to your nautical décor. These work with tumblers, wineglasses, cans, coffee cups, all types of drinking vessels. Lots of colors and a good gift for the boater who has everything. Add some bottle stoppers or wine charms to compete the look.



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