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2 Holmes Street and 25 Cottrell Street  Downtown Mystic, CT 06355


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May 12, 2020 2 min read

Let's Get Outside In Mystic

We have been cooped up too long and luckily our shops are opening soon. As the weather warms add Mystic to your travel list. Lot's of open spaces to stay healthy and social distance. Starting May 20 more stores and businesses will be open.  So many things to do and see in Mystic and surrounding areas
while still keeping our social distance.
Biking, kayaking, hiking, beach walking, strolls through towns, wine vineyards, farmer's markets, lighthouse exploring and sailing!
Mystic Connecticut welcome sign
Mystic is a historic town with lots of old colonial buildings. So much fun to stroll through town and along the small side streets. History abounds. Betsy, Mystic Knotwork's mascot agrees and loves to walk all over Mystic, on a leash of course. More leashes in a variety of colors available at our 25 Cottrell St. workshop!
Happy Betsy dog in Mystic
As you walk through downtown Mystic you will notice there are quite a lot of restaurants and a good number with outdoor seating or take out. Be on the lookout for awesome bakeries and breweries too!
Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream
Mystic Pizza in Downtown Mystic
To plan your trip visit for links to bike, kayak, SUP rentals and all you need to know for a great time here. Pictured below is Jill at Adventure Mystic Rentals testing out their bikes. 
Bike rentals Mystic CTKayaking Mystic River CT
Walking through Downtown Mystic with so much to see is a fun way to relax and exercise. Window shopping is easy and most restaurants have their menu posted outside so you can plan your outside patio or take out meals!
Mystic River Park Dock
Walking along the Mystic River
Across from our main workshop and store (pictured below and center), is the Mystic River Park. A very big grassy area with park benches and public restrooms nearby. The pilings, along the river's edge border a huge boardwalk and across the river another boardwalk with more seating. Great place for walking!
Mystic Knotwork as seen from across the riverSeating along the Mystic River CT
We don't know when the boat tour companies will resume their charters but when they do boat rides and harbor tours are plentiful in Mystic and each day of your trip should include one. So many different sizes and types of boats to choose from. Book your tour for a daytime sail or an evening sunset tour.
Harbor Tours Mystic CTHarbor Tour Mystic Whaler, Mystic CT
Photographers dream Mystic River CT
Water activities on the Mystic River CT
Mystic River Bridge is up
Once here plan a road trip to neighboring Rhode Island and visit their famous beaches (they will be opening soon). The closest one, Watch Hill Beach is wonderful for kids, with a carousel and a cute town for strolling. They carry our exclusive carousel ring necklace too!
Watch Hill beach and lighthouse
Other beaches have magnificent surf in Connecticut and Rhode Island.
Southern Connecticut Beaches
From Mystic, drive inland a bit to farmland and vineyards. It's fun walking through the vineyards for adults and children. Many have outdoor patios for tastings. Look for farm stands and fruit orchards too.
Jonathan Edwards VineyardCountry Pond CTGrapevineJonathan Edwards Vineyard CT
Open fields in Southern New England
Hiking and waterfalls in Connecticut
Hiking, a great way to social distance but don't get lost! Lots of trails in the Mystic area and some are by the water.
Hiking in Connecticut
Hiking in Mystic CT
Kayakers come from all over to 'drop in' at all the favorite inlets and bays. Many boaters make Mystic and the surrounding ports part of their summer cruising itinerary. Safe, quiet harbors for a nice getaway. 
Kayaking Mystic Connecticut
Sailing Mystic Connecticut
Sunset Mystic ConnecticutHammock Time Mystic Connecticut

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