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  • April 27, 2020 2 min read

     States are making plans to open the economy back up! We can't wait and look forward to warmer weather and lots of activity in and around Mystic.

    Charter boat Argia and Bascule Bridge Mystic

    Argia above, a beautiful schooner available for day charters. 


    Kayaking In Mystic, CT

    Adventure Mystic with a few locations along the Mystic River to rent kayaks, paddle boards and bikes.


    Bascule Bridge in Mystic CT

    Never get tired of watching the summer traffic and the opening and closing of the bridge on the Mystic River.


    Tugboat ride in Mystic CT

    More boat traffic on the Mystic River. And if you look closely that's Matt getting a ride on this little tug.


    Mystic Pirate Invasion Mystic CTMystic Pirate InvasionMystic Pirate InvasionMystic Pirate Invvasion Mystic CT

    Our very favorite event is the Mystic Pirate Invasion. It's three days of fun for all ages. Let's hope we can enjoy it again this year in October. The link will take you to last year's event.

    Dinghy dock Mystic CT

    The sailing school dock at Mystic Seaport. Very busy place for the young people in the summer. 


    Coast Guard at Mystic River Park

    One day Jill spotted this Coast Guard buoy tender tied up right across from our shop at the Mystic River Park dock. You never know what ship you will see here in Mystic! And the Amistad is pictured below.

    Amistad Mystic River Park

    Elway the duck visits Mystic CT

    And if you are very lucky you will meet Elway the duck seen here sporting some flashy nautical pants and a sassy hello there! 

    Tall ship on the Mystic River CT

    Picture perfect, a sailing ship awaits the bridge opening. 


    Take a ride aboard the Sabino, Mystic. CTDay Charter on the Mystic River

    Catch a ride on Mystic Seaport's Sabino or the Novelty of Mystic River Cruises for relaxing and educational tours of the Mystic River. 


    Mystic River CT


    Witches Paddle Mystic River CT

    If you are feeling witchy join the witch paddle in October of course. The link takes you to last year's paddle. Check with for this years events.


    Day Charter Sail Mystic CTDay sail charter Mystic CTApproaching Bascule Bridge Mystic CT

    During your summer visit it's a good idea to get out on the water to cool off. Bring your picnic, hat and your camera! 

    Mystic Boat Adventures

    Mystic Boat Adventures cruising by Mystic Seaport 

    Mystic Boat Adventures rents these cool motorboats with a guided tour of the river and if you are adventurous to the mouth of the river!

    Aerial Mystic River Downtown

    The Downtown Mystic area is located on both sides of the Mystic River. Wonderful shops and restaurants all within walking distance. Up the river, Mystic Seaport is on the right.

    Southern CT map of parks and recreation areas

    There is so much more including walks, hikes and bike rides on the nearby trails and parks. The restaurants, including take out style would take another blog to fit them all!  On the map above Mystic is located left of Stonington, up the river north of Mason's Island. 


    Some fine bakeries in the Mystic area

    We are fortunate to have some fine bakeries in and around Mystic. Above is a peek at Sift. Yummmm!


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