Keeping Our Distance in Southern New England by Sue Waterman

April 16, 2020 2 min read

Working with my friends at Mystic Knotwork is fun and always a learning experience! I have been here almost a year and a half and currently miss being in the shop with all the chatter, laughter and creative vibes.

So I thought I'd share some activities myself and my family have been doing while keeping to ourselves these last couple of months sheltering in place in Southern New England.

An earlier visit to Narragansett Beach in Rhode Island.

Surf at Narragansett Beach RI

A trip to Napa Tree Point, along the coast, east of Mystic, a good long walk on this popular beach. Research Napa Tree Point referencing the 1938 Hurricane in Rhode Island. Amazing stories.

Napa Tree Point Mystic KnotworkNapa Tree Point Mystic Knotwork

Watch Hill Lighthouse viewed from Napa Tree Point Beach.

Watch Hill Lighthouse Mystic Knotwork

All kinds of walkers. Can you spot the bare foot?
beach walk mystic knotwork
sunset mystic knotwork
For a future trip, Stonington Light has a wonderful museum and kid friendly beach. The views are incredible of Fisher's Island Sound. 

stonington point fence mystic knotwork

An earlier trip to Moonstone Beach, Rhode Island.

beach walk mystic knotwork

We've had one kayakable day, it was still chilly though on Worden Pond in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

kayaking mystic knotwork

Our backyard has views of open fields, lots of time for reflection and long walks, bike rides too.

spring sky mystic knotworkspring bloom mystic knotwork


taking a break mystic knotwork

When we aren't lying around we are planting trees. About 100 to go!

planting trees mystic knotworkpine cone mystic knotwork


 Fiddle heads on the side of the road, stop the car!

fiddle heads mystic knotwork

 We figured out how to paint the bottom of our ancient Mako while it sits on the trailer. First you have to wear a sailor bracelet from Mystic Knotwork!

bottom painting mystic knotwork


At home the blue birds are nesting. We feed them, watch them nest and raise their young every spring. They are social and thoughtful and soooo pretty, but too smart to eat out of our hands yet.

blue birds mystic knotwork

Peas are coming up and some chive talkin'.

in the garden mystic knotworkspring chives


Whoever invented the sunset was brilliant. Driving home: stop the car, pull over, wait go back, what I usually shout out on a good photo day.

sunset mystic knotwork

Down the street, the Wood River is everywhere in Richmond, Rhode Island.

waterfall mystic knotwork

 Catch the rainbow right?

mystic knotwork rainbowrainbow mystic knotwork


Back home, lots of pie making, thank goodness for those frozen pie crusts.

making pies mystic knotwork

pie making mystic knotwork

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