Wedding Bells Are Ringing Are You Listening? by Sue Waterman

August 18, 2020 2 min read

We anticipate tying lots of wedding knots and accessories this season. Actually it has already started. Most popular are the monkey fist table card holders, wreath centerpieces, boutonnieres and keychains. If you're planning a nautical wedding it's never too early to get in touch with us!

Our nautical rope boutonnieres are a nice touch plain or with a flower. Wedding bouquets with their stems wrapped in our white cotton rope, nautical style, are so pretty. Incorporating a flower decorated monkey fist dog toy or tie back at the end of the church pews or chairs, just another idea for your nautical wedding. The following images feature the latest shared by our wedding customers. Thank you to all those that contributed!

If you have wedding photos featuring our knotted items please send them along to


From Ashlee in Illinois, nautical navy and tan with a touch of red

Mystic Knotwork wedding decorMystic Knotwork wedding decor

Olivia had quite a crew all wearing the reef knot boutonniere

 Mystic Knotwork carrick bend boutonniere

They added some nautical pins!

Mystic Knotwork carrick bend boutonniere

mystic knotwork reef knot boutonniere

Mystic Knotwork nautical wedding 

Emily from Michigan went romantic nautical with peach accents

Mystic Knotwork weddingdecorMystic Knotwork wedding monkey fist

wedding planning Mystic Knotwork

 Christi and her beau literally tied the knot

Mystic Knotwork tying the knot


mystic knotwork tying the knot

A popular approach for seat assignments, the monkey fist keychain at Colleen's wedding

mystic knotwork wedding favors

The monkey fist table card holder does come in navy as well. Natural is the most popular for the monkey fist. Denise from California had her own number cards printed. We do provide simple number cards upon request.

mystic knotwork wedding decor

Navy blue monkey fist card holder

navy blue monkey fist Mystic Knotwork

Gloria married on the water's edge and added red flowers to the guy's boutonnieres

mystic knotwork wedding boutonnieres

We love the fun spirit of this monkey fist boutonniere and action hero!

a couple adds skywalker lego to wedding boutonniere

Kelly from Massachusetts added some nautical stripes

mystic knotwork wedding decor

Molly & Co. @mollyandcophoto nice combination of the manila monkey fist, golden shells and light blue number cards

mystic knotwork wedding balls

mystic knotwork wedding decor

mystic knotwork wedding knot

Our tie backs can be used anywhere from chairs, pews and here on a decorative trellis

monkey fist wedding tie back

Another all natural and white color theme perfect for the white monkey fist table card holders

mystic knotwork wedding decor

mystic knotwork wedding decor

This setting is a little more elegant with the almost black napkins and the monkey fist rises to the occasion

wedding decor mystic knotwork

Kiley had some fun getting very nautical with rope on the number cards

getting knotty mystic knotwork

Liz had some handsome men at her wedding on the water in New Jersey all wearing our boutonnieres

wedding boutonnieres mystic knotworkwedding boutonnieres mystic knotwork

wedding party mystic knotwork boutonnieres

wedding boutonnieres mystic knotwork

Rick remembered his Mom at his wedding by the ocean in Florida

mystic knotwork wedding decor

mystic knotwork wedding boutonnieres

Tropical ocean colors, aqua on the table cards and aqua napkins for Samantha's wedding on the waterfront in Massachusetts

mystic knotwork wedding decor

Allie favored a neutral color theme with slight accents of light blue and the natural monkey fist blends right in

mystic knotwork wedding decor

mystic knotwork wedding monkey fist 

Ashley and husband photographed by Chelsea Schaefer

Chelsea Schaefer Photography

Our monkey fists and white wreaths as plate chargers.

Mystic Knotwork wedding knots for the table

Mystic Knotwork monkey fist table card holder

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