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  • September 02, 2020 2 min read

    Wow, our first Floatchella in Mystic and it was a good one! Jill and I decided to tag team the photo work. She would shoot from the shore and myself on the kayak. As we left the workshop on Cottrell St. we could definitely sense and see there was something big going on. The activity on the water, mostly paddlers, was huge. This was Floatchella, a fundraising concert on the waterfront for the town of Mystic, open to paddlers. DJ Mello and I Anbassa and the Word Sound Movement were playing north of the bridge on a floating dock. It was well organized with many crash boats anchored along the channel to keep everyone safe. I was hesitant to go, imagining all us kayakers and SUP boarders running into each other. It wasn't like that at all, I think the 6 foot virus rule helped. A very relaxing time with all ages and a few well behaved pets too!

    Lots of people were launching and heading out at the designated launch areas.

    Floatchella Mystic CT

    launching for floatchella at Cottrell St.launching at the Seaport for Floatchellashoving off for Floatchella mystic

    There were event staff at all the areas ready to help. Jill was on foot and was able to get some fantastic shots from both sides of the Mystic river. I was in my kayak with a waterproof camera just in case! Pictured below, one of the event staffers with the Floatchella tee shirt and festive glasses and mask.

    Homemade dinghy at Mystic's FloatchellaEvent staff Floatchella Mystic Floatchella

    Floatchella mystic


    under the mystic drawbridgelots of kayakers FloatchellaRafting up at Floatchella Mystic


     Floatchella 2020 mystic


    Floatchella mystic

    These folks had a great idea for a float, all you need is a friendly gent to paddle you back in, maybe a mini anchor next time.

    swan float gets tow at Floatchellaswan float under tow Floatchella MysticSwan Song Floatchella Mystic


    Floatchella mystic river ct

    The band was fun, interacting with the crowd and trying to get us to sing along.

    mask wearing at Floatchella mysticband at Floatchella Mystic CTI Anbassa Band Floatchella Mystic

    Mystic's Floatchella

    Mystic Knotwork photographs Floatchella


    Floatchella mystic ctclose friends gather at Floatchellaband at Floatchella Mystic

    Floatchella mystic family event

    Floatchella mystic for all ages

    A quiet and scenic part of the Mystic River, you can see the Mystic Seaport in the background. It was low tide and the area off the dock was shallow, many were settling their paddles in the soft bottom to anchor in place. Four of the motor boats pictured, with the Mystic Seaport flag, were part of the safety team.

    Floatchella mystic ct

    Paddling on the Mystic River

    The last shot of the day and what a gem. Well behaved dog in bow ;)

    Floatchella mystic a good dog in kayak

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