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  • December 02, 2019 2 min read

    Nautical Christmas Gnome Tutorial

    mystic knotwork gnome tutorial


    Gnomes are cool, and we started seeing them around this year.  Jill, our official dabbler, realized she could make some from found items in our shop.

    She looked around the shop, and realized we have everything here to make one of her very own!

    Try using supplies you have lying around.  Makes for a much more personal and fun Christmas decoration...

    Supplies needed:

    • empty wine bottle (have mom empty it by drinking before you start, it will be more fun (over 21)
    • 1 sock
    • 1 small ball
    • rope cut into 8-10 inch sections
    • rubber bands
    • hot glue gun


    supplies for nautical christmas gnomeThe body is a wine bottle.

    You may be asking why we have wine bottles all around the workshop. Ever heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? That is the only explanation needed.

    The beard is scrap rope.

    The hat is a sock.  How genius is that?

    A monkey fist for the nose, but any small ball would work. You will also need a little piece of ribbon or cord to tie around the bottom of the hat. That's it!

    Directions to make your Nautical Christmas Gnome:

      Start by cutting the rope into 8-10 inch sections and unraveling it. When you have a pile of unraveled rope, start gluing it onto the wine bottle .

       glue rope onto wine bottle for Christmas Gnome

      Glue sections all the way around the bottle, and then put an elastic band over it all to help hold it in place while the glue dries. Add another layer of rope over the first to fill it in, making sure you can't see the wine bottle.


      add rubber band to hold hair on Christmas Gnomekeep adding rope to wine bottle of Christmas Gnome


      Put another rubber band over the top of the second layer, and then trim the bottom so the edges are even.

      trim edges of rope for Christmas Gnome Beard

      When the hair is to your liking, take your sock and slide it over the top, covering the rubber bands. Fold up the bottom edge so it looks like a hat.

      add sock to make hat for Christmas Gnomeadd a nose to your nautical gnome

      Glue on a ball for the nose. We used a red monkey fist.


      Last but not least, tie a ribbon around the tip of the hat. We used some cord we braided together. Your gnome is done!

      a finished christmas gnome

      For another variation, add a Santa hat instead of a sock. You can use any color rope you like, we just happen to have a lot of manila rope scraps kicking around. 

      For live Gnome making action see us on YouTube  How To Make A Christmas Gnome

      Happy Holidays!

      christmas gnome with santa hat

       Fun, Friendly, and Made from Repurposed Shop Stuff


       (before you ask, the Christmas tree tutorial:  HERE)





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