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  • November 03, 2019 1 min read

    We are gearing up for Christmas here at Mystic Knotwork. The elves  are hard at work knotting away. Ornaments are one of the most popular knots we sell during the holidays. Here are the 5 styles we sell online.

    If you stop in our workshop, you will find some cool fun ornaments that are not online. Sometimes we just want to be creative and try something new, so you will never know what you will find here!

    So here are the 5 ornament styles we tie:

    snowman, metallic balls and coaster wreath ornaments on the Christmas tree

    Numbers 1 and 2 are our coaster ornaments. We started  tying them in solid colors and then eventually adding a stripe.

    solid coaster knotted coaster ornaments

    coaster wreath ornaments with a colored stripe

    red coaster ornament on the holiday tree

    a close line of Christmas ornaments across the Mystic River with the drawbridge in the background

    I have to share this photo of Betsy Mongrel. What you can't see is the plate of cookies on the table that she is focusing on very intently!

    decorated Christmas tree in a nautical theme

    3 and 4 is the Monkeys Fist. The coaster ornaments were so successful we decided to try another style, and started tying the monkey fist ornament. For years we have been tying them in cotton, but just this year we got some cool metallic rope!

    nautical rope monkey fist ornaments on a Christmas tree

    blue ornament

    white monkey fist ornament

    super cool metallic ball ornament

    Number 5, last but by no means least, is our adorable monkey fist snowman. We first started tying these last year, quite by accident. We were goofing around and put one together. I put a picture up on instagram, and that was it! Everyone wanted one, so it was all hands on deck last Christmas season tying snowmen like crazy!

    snowman on the river

    a pile of snowman ornaments

    Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you have a joyous season! It's Merry Christmas for us! Signing off to go tie some more knots. - Jill


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