April 05, 2020 2 min read

We are still sheltering in place. I didn't see any April fools this year, life is too serious right now.
We decided to work on some new projects while we are closed to the public. Come to Mystic when the craziness is over to see what we did! It does involve some knotted letters. Here are a few pics.
Our project involved hand tying some letters.

a knotted letter W

a knotted letter O

And here is the finished sign!

Knotwork sign in Mystic

Knotted letters sign above door at Mystic Knotwork

We are all trying to pull together as a community to get through this together. These banners are popping up all over. Of course the drawbridge wreath needed one!

community strong on the Mystic River Drawbridge

Weekends are the hardest time for us right now. We are usually busy at the shop helping customers, even in the dead of winter, weekends will be busy. Now that the governor made us close, we have been sleeping in and spending a lot of time walking around. 

Here is a picture of Abbotts Lobster in the Rough. We try to eat there at least once or twice every summer. It can be a little tricky sometime, they are so popular! They are also doing take out grocery basics for the locals right now, which is so helpful!

The iconic Abbotts sign.

abbots lobsters in the rough

On the way to Abbotts is this cool little museum, the Latham Chester Store Museum. It has a cute little park and swimming spot for the kids.

the Latham chester Store museum in Noank

Walking by the boatyards is so sad. Normally they would be filled with the sounds of plastic being ripped off boats, power tools and the smell of paint. Now they are just sitting empty and silent. This boat is just begging to be launched!

Lucky in the quiet boat yard