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  • April 14, 2020 1 min read

    We have been sheltering in place in Noank, CT. We are staying with Matt's grandmother, who is 93 and still lives alone. So we moved in temporarily and are enjoying our time with her. Noank is the next village up from Mystic, about a 5 minute drive, and just as picturesque. 
    Everywhere I turn are great photo ops, so here you go. This is our Easter Day walk around town. 
    This amazing staircase is my super secret beach spot. We found this while walking one day and I visit here often.

    stairs to the beach in Noank CT

    This is the house right next to my secret beach. How amazing is it?

    House on the beach in Noank CT

    I love visiting Abbotts Lobster in the Rough, here is a picture without any cars parked in front, a rarity!

    A wall of buoys at Abbotts Lobster in the Rough

    Another favorite in Noank is Carson's Store. Breakfast all day, and ice cream! Whats not to love?

    Carson's store in Noank CT

    I couldn't resist taking a picture of this cute bird house.

    bird house in Noank

    I caught a picture of the Blackhawk before she was launched. She is located in Niantic, which is just a short drive from Mystic.

    The Blackhawk Sport Fishing

    Some more lobster buoy pictures, what is New England without them?

    lobster pot buoys on a fence

    I found the Easter Bunny, he was staying safe with a mask on.

    the easter bunny staying safe with a mask

    What would Easter be without jelly beans?

    sailor bracelets and jelly beans

    coasters and jelly beans

    a monkey fist knot held over the Mystic River


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