7" Nautical Sailor Knot Trivet, Red Cotton Rope, Small

We are so excited, we got in a shipment of new red rope just in time for the holidays!

Hand woven nautical trivet turkshead knot tied in custom cotton rope

Perfect cotton trivet for the nautical table.  Our custom rope gives a really solid feel to this classic weave.

This trivet is a Turk's head knot. This is same knot as our famous sailor bracelets, just worked to a flat shape. It has about a 7 inch diameter and is made from a single strand of 1/4 inch cotton rope. Sixteen feet of rope go into making a single trivet!  We carefully tie each end in place with no glues.  There is nothing here to melt, it's all cotton, and entirely handmade

This 100% cotton rope is hand washable and press flat to dry on a clean towl.

Perfect as a gift for boaters or beach lovers!

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