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  • 10" Nautical Sailor Knot Cotton Trivet, Large 4 Color Choices

    Now with 25% more rope, nautical trivets are the finishing touch.  This is the larger of the two at 10" in diameter and is perfectly sized for your pie plates (9 inches is standard), serving dishes, or even under a table plant.  The classic look matches the classic coastal or even rustic styles.

    We make these here in Mystic out of 26 feet of custom twisted rope.  The goal is a solid rope with a perfect feel. We hand tie these and balance them before tying constrictor knots and stitching the ends down.  We don't use any glue or chemicals making them, so there is no fear of anything melting.  Cotton is safe to 400 degrees and a simple spot cleaning with a mild detergent is all it takes to keep them clean.

    Beautiful as well as functional, it is thick enough to protect your table from anything hot you may place on it. The ends are sewn down with cotton cord.

    We also make a smaller version.

    Small Trivets

    You might ask:  'what is the improvement?'  We are using a 13/32" rope now rather than the old 1/2".  The lay of the rope is tighter, and adding the extra pass, the trivet lays flatter and a bit thinner, but is bigger around for a much nicer look...  These are fantastic, and I'm very proud of this improvement