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    Nautical Knot tying 1950's style by Alton Beaudoin in Mystic, CT Nautical Knot tyers in Mystic Connecticut Weavers in the workshop Matt and Jill Beaudoin

    Mystic Knotwork is the best and most complete source of nautical sailor knot bracelets, woven knot decorations for your home.  Here is your source for the special touches for nautical wedding accent pieces as well.  

    The first and oldest knot shop in the United States, Mystic Knotwork created the nautical style bracelet that has grown in popularity and been adopted by fashion styles through the years.  Starting in the coastal and nautical worlds, our work was adopted by the hippie movement of the 60's, surged during the macrame craze of the 70's.  We have to admit to playing with neon colors in the 80's, and the style continues on as giving a sense of authenticity and nostalgia all the way through.  We are especially grateful for the last decade and the turn to American Made and high quality personal style.

    To put it in perspective.  Dwight Eisenhower is President, Elvis Presley bought Graceland, and Mystic Knotwork made the news.  The year is 1957 and the countries first decorative knot shop was already open to the public.  Artisans traveled from all around the world to learn knot tying from my grandfather and he and my grandmother created the style that is still popular in coastal villages all around the United States.

    Mystic Knotwork nautical style has a style all it's own.  We joke that trends find us every 5 or 6 years, but the coastal community all over the country stays.  Seaside style needs knots.  Fashion and decorating trends come and go.  We won't chase those trends, we just make the essential elements of fashion and home decoration to let you show your most authentic self.  

    Our knots all have stories behind them, both histories of use aboard ships of the sea, but equally odd stories about how the ideas moved into the nautical world.  As a teaser:  in 2006, a sale of 25 dog toys was our entry into the Nautical Wedding market...the rest of the story is on this site somewhere, enjoy your visit, and please support American Made knot tyers working from our 180 year old building in Historic Downtown Mystic, CT.