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  • February 12, 2019 3 min read 3 Comments

    Vote for us as Reader's Choice: put Knots on the Map

     For those on a time budget: Just click both links, shopping and wedding, vote, and share with friends by email and social media.  Please keep it going

    UPDATE:  each line is clickable straight into a vote screen:


    Accessories: Please Vote

    Gifts: Please Vote

    Weddings: Please Vote


    New London Day Reader's Choice

    For people with time to read:

    This is a reader's choice competition.  The reality that you understand what I'm saying means you are a reader.  Now it your chance for your choice to be recorded.  We only have 1 shade of gray, but we would still like your help.

    Last year, we all played the game wrong.  We came in 2nd and 3rd place in a lot of categories because we were spread too thin. This year, with your help, we will win. 

    There are only two links in this message.  Just look for our name in each link, twice in shopping and once in Weddings, then pass it on.

    To win, we are counting on you to share this blog post with at least 3 friends.  Spread the word about Mystic Knotwork and your love of all things nautical while doing us, the artisans, a HUGE favor.

     We only need to vote ONCE for each of 3 categories and share. Thankfully it's not a vote every day quest like we've all done in the past..

    This is really important to us.  I have total respect for your time and support over the years.  We've been awarded by Business Insider, SCORE, Chamber's of Commerce, and even our governor, but for some reason, this one is more personal.  These are friends and we are in a fun competition.  

    This means I can't count on my usual local help, we are challenging each other this, you, my long distance friends, are the answer. 

    Will you step up?

    Show my community that knots are much cooler than diamonds, express more emotion than flowers, and manila is a scent that should be bottled for romantic candle light celebrations.

    I'll put the voting links here again, because now the urge is uncontrollable, I don't want you to miss the chance to vote.

    Accessories: Please Vote

    Gifts: Please Vote

    Weddings: Please Vote

    ate it.  If you feel we are worthy, please share this article and see how many more people can own the appreciation for bringing the countries oldest knot shop a Reader's Choice award for gifts, souvenirs, and wedding favors.

    I see you're still reading.  Ok, you see you're still reading.  I appreciate your commitment to the words that cascade from my fingertips at 100wpm, but I'd rather you scroll up just a bit and start voting.  Really, I love you like a (brother, mother, sister, pick one) but we both have to get to work landing this win for Jill.

    Maybe you need bullet points to convince you:

    • Voting for us will make you feel cool

    • Voting for us is cool

    • You can stop reading this to vote

    We have been blessed with national recognition, but not local.  Imagine the look on Jill's face when she finds out she won.  

    So, please scroll up and vote for her.  I can keep typing, I can do this all day.  This is how much the reader's choice matters too m..........

    Jill says I have to get back to work, I guess I can't do this all day, the boss has spoken.


    Thanks for the help, I hope you enjoyed this overwritten blog :)








    3 Responses

    Sarah DeLia
    Sarah DeLia

    March 11, 2019

    3 here too! Good Luck! Love the legacy you’re keeping alive!!!

    Marie Magee
    Marie Magee

    February 25, 2019

    Keeping the history of the seafaring community alive. Mystic Knot Works is authentic in keeping our heritage real.

    vicki warrington
    vicki warrington

    February 25, 2019

    you got it – all 3 from me – all the best to you all!!

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