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  • November 09, 2020 1 min read

    Now more than ever we are spending lots of time at home. This year will be our first holiday season dealing with the covid virus. Make it special with ornament collecting and memorable storytelling.

    Many times simply decorating the tree or house can be the most joyous part of the celebration, well except for possibly the holiday feast. Oh wait and opening gifts too! As each ornament is pulled from the box memories come flooding back. Many times an ornament will inspire the sharing of family stories. Stories of travel, first loves or wild adventures, some that could go back 60 - 70 years! It's fun to tell stories, great for young ones and everyone has a story to tell.

    Ornaments do make great gifts. Take it a step further and give an "ornament starter kit". One or two ornaments in a good sized decorative box or container for future collecting. Let people know you or your loved ones are collecting and watch them roll in from around the country or even the world! And the story telling continues. What's your story?

    Mystic Knotwork ornaments for the tree
    Mystic Knotwork snowman ornament
    monkey fist ornaments mystic knotwork
    turks head ornaments mystic knotworkmystic knotwork ornaments
    mystic knotwork turks head ornaments


    mystic knotwork santa ornament
    mystic knotwork monkey fist ornamentsmystic knotwork ornament
    mystic knotwork star ornament
    mystic knotwork ornaments
    mystic knotwork holiday ornaments
    For more ornament ideas and to shop, visit our website's ornament page. 
    Merry Christmas!!

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