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  • April 14, 2021 2 min read

    Our workshop is footsteps from the Mystic River and an awesome view of the drawbridge. We see so many boats going up and down the river it's a non stop movie!  You can sit on the benches at the edge of the Mystic River Park, along the boardwalk. A great pastime while in between shopping and dining in downtown Mystic.

    Many of us are seen running out of the shop with our cameras to capture some rarely seen ships and yachts that are cruising by or waiting for the bridge to open, especially Jill. She has so many photos that we decided to get them all in one place to share.

    We also photograph lots of our knotty products with the river and bridge in the background. Very nautical!

    Enjoy this collection or better yet come to Mystic and see for yourself.

    Roseway and the mystic river bridge
    The Roseway heading upriver to the Mystic Seaport


    Aphrodite and the Mystic River Bridge
    Aphrodite, usually docked in Watch Hill. Look up her history she was involved in the war and has been rebuilt a few times.
    and the Mystic River BridgeBrilliant on it's way to mystic seaport
    Novelty of Mystic River Cruises and the Brilliant
    photographer on the mystic river bridge
    We often photograph our products on the bridge or with the bridge in the background
    mystic knotwork wreath ornament
    The popular wreath ornament
    mystic knotwork's bracelets and monkey fists bridge in background
    Great day for a photo session
    mystic knotwork bracelets and mystic bridge in background
    Basket of bracelets
    Draken and the Mystic River Bridge
    Draken, a Viking Ship docked at the boardwalk.
    sailing class mystic river bridge
    Sailing class coming through!
    cat boat and Mystic Drawbridge
    Classic catboat
    Mystic's Bascule Bridge and powerboat
    kayakers and the mystic river bridge
    Busy day at the bridge
    lots of boats on the mystic river
    mystic's bascule bridge and lots of boaters
    ketch and the mystic river bridge
    The Pilot out front and another old boat cruising through
    little vigilant and the mystic river bridge
    Little Vigilant
    mystic river bridge
    Unicorn waiting for mystic river bridge to open
    Unicorn waiting for the bridge to go up
    Unicorn waiting for Mystic River bridge to open
    Unicorn still waiting
    fire boat on the mystic river
    A little celebratory fire boat action
    watching the antique boat parade through the Mystic Bridge
    Watching the antique boat parade
    mystic antique boat parade going through the mystic bridge
    Antique boat parade
    Tour boat and the mystic river bridge
    The tour boat Sabino
    Mystic Bascule bridge a kayakers viewMystic Knotwork snowman ornament
    A kayaker's view and our snowman ornament
    the Liberator and the mystic river bridge
    The Liberator from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in New York
    Mystic Knotworks custom 7 foot wreath for Mystic bridge
    Jill with the newly completed 7 foot wreath for the Mystic Bridge House
    mystic knotwork bridge wreath
    Matt and company will decorate the wreath for holidays and seasons
    Mystic Knotwork bridge wreath flowered for spring
    mystic knotwork wreath on mystic's bascule bridge house
    mystic knotwork wreath on the mystic bridge housetour boat under the mystic river bridge
    The giant shamrock and a tour boat going through
    Salar and the mystic river bridge
    Nicely converted lobster boat
    The Mayflower and the mystic river bridge
    The Mayflower after it's 3 year restoration
    huge sail boat and the mystic river bridge
    Floatchella 2020 Mystic bridge in background
    Bridge is up, 2020 Floatchella kayakers in foreground 
    the Mystic Pearl and the mystic river bridge
    boat parade mystic river bridge
    Antique boat parade
    traffic on the mystic river
    The Pilot on it's way out
    Ruff Seas and the mystic river bridge
    Shenandoah and the mystic river bridge
    The Shenandoah
    a trimaran and the mystic river bridge
    fun day on the mystic river in this little tug, Tuglet
    Tuglet with Mystic Knotwork's bow fender
    sitting along the mystic river
    See you this summer along the Mystic River!
    mystic river bridge mystic CT

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