Sailor Bracelet Nostalgia And Making Summer Memories by Jamie Appelberg

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September 09, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

Mystic Knotwork is a summer staple, every year the families that visit will tell us how this is their summer tradition. The tradition of getting out of school, and picking out a bracelet as soon as possible, so summer can officially begin. Ice cream, the beach, and 90 degree weather might be a tell-tale sign that summer is here. But Mystic Knotwork's sailor bracelets hold tight every memory of the summer, clearly even into adulthood. 

We're making memories with our sailor bracelets

Mystic Knotwork sailor bracelets

Recently, I gave my aunt a classic white and blue striped sailor bracelet. Not a big deal, it wasn't for her birthday or a special occasion, I had bought some for my family at the beginning of the summer and gave her one I thought she'd like.

As I handed it to her, I could see her pause and think. She stared at it for a while and smiled before taking it, and held it in her hands and said "you have no idea the memories this brings back."

Mystic Knotwork sailor bracelets at the beach

She began telling me the story of "Swimmer's Bracelets" back when she was a kid on the beach in Fairfield CT. She said they would all go out and get a bracelet as soon as school ended, and the more they swam, the more it shrunk to their wrist, and the more faded it became.

Mystic Knotwork sailor bracelets

She said you can always tell you had a great summer by the color and size of your bracelet at the end of August. Everyone would get to school at the end of August or early September and show off their bracelet tan lines.

This simple bracelet that left a tan-line would bring people together to fill friends in how their summer was and it would remind them of everything they did. Sharing these stories in the first week of school made getting back into the routine easier, because they all still had a little piece of summer left. 

Mystic Knotwork striped bracelet at the beach

My aunt went to work the next day wearing the bracelet, and she said everyone flooded around her asking where she got it. She said the morning was filled with nostalgic stories of co-workers summers wearing these bracelets, again sharing tales from their childhood. People just loved sharing their stories, remembering the colors they would get, and being upset having to cut it off for school. Summer might be ending soon, and you're probably close to cutting your Sailor bracelet off, but you'll always remember the good times brought by this bracelet, and the tan lines that'll last until November. 

Mystic Knotwork at the beach in Connecticut



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Dave Duchscherer
Dave Duchscherer

September 01, 2023

What is the best/suggested way to clean a white bracelet??

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