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  • May 12, 2021 2 min read

    Check out Mystic Seaport as they host the New Bedford Whaling Museum's 1848 whaling panorama exhibit featuring 30' photographically reproduced sections of this 'Round the World' painting. The original painting, which depicts whaling voyage scenes from around the world, measures 1,275 feet wide and 8 feet high. It was originally divided into 4 sections and was displayed as a moving panorama on a rolling screen in theaters and at fairs. A form of entertainment back then that the public paid to see. 

    New Bedford Whaling Museum's panorama

    The two artists based the images on their own whaling experiences, from stories of others and from their imaginations. One artist having spent 42 months on a whaling voyage to the Indian Ocean and the North Pacific! Mid 19th century scenes from the Azores, Cape Verde, Brazil, Tahiti and Hawaii, depicting people, vessels, wildlife and events.

    At the Seaport, the panorama exhibition includes a 30' digitized section of the original painting, shown with a 34 minute narrated digital film of the whole painting as it would have been seen in 1848. There will be 15 separate exhibitions throughout the year so get those dates on your calendar. The Seaport has made this fun by offering passports you can get stamped when you attend each exhibit. Prizes and more!

    whaling ship painting
    In an effort to get the word out about the exhibit through social media, Mystic Seaport hired an actor to represent the 19th century artist Benjamin Russel as he might have appeared in the 19th century in Mystic. He is pictured below in our 2 Holmes St. shop pondering our monkey fists. Check out @mysticseaportmuseum on Instagram and Facebook to see what else he has been up to in Mystic.
    Mystic Seaport actor reenacts 19th century artist
    The Charles W. Morgan pictured below is said to be the last wooden whaling vessel in existence. She was restored at the Mystic Seaport between 2009 - 2013 and did sail for a few years. Now she sits at the Seaport where you can tour her above and below decks. The Morgan is depicted in the 1848 panorama painting and the painters probably sailed the same waters with her.
    Charles W. Morgan on the ways Mystic Seaport
    Charles W. Morgan under sail courtesy of Mystic Seaport
    The Charles W. Morgan under sail after after her restoration.
    hull shape Charles W. Morgan
    Morgan on the ways at the Seaport. Like all whaling vessels, built for carrying lots of barrels of whale oil.
    Charles W. Morgan at the dock Mystic Seaport
    The exhibit starts on May 29, see you at the Seaport!
    Old boats at the Mystic Seaport Docks


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